When he stumbles upon a 45 rpm record of PURPLE HAZE Laurent Galichon is 10 years old and not at all aware of the influence this vinyl will have on the course of his life.

He now is a songwriter and guitarist and he has surrounded himself with people sharing the same interest in this particular musical style that was initiated by Jimi Hendrix: Blues and Funk-influenced Rock music. Trend that has been carried on by Lenny Kravitz in the 90’s, and nowadays revived by Gary Clark Jr. Red Beans and Pepper Sauce exists in full thanks to Jessyka Ake’s performances. She puts her impressive voice to the massive and vintage accentuated sounds of guitars, organs, drums and bass.

On this 3rd album, HOT & SPICY (2015), tracks vary from 70’s rock music to New Orleans funk and electric blues. Even when mostly expressed in the background, the particular sound of Blues is consistently recurring, in the lyrics, in the sound and in the style, serving as a binder like the red beans in the Bayou’s kitchens. It is through this specific album, which has been selected by the 2015th edition of the French Collective of Blues Radios, that they are allowed to participate in the upcoming final of the French Blues Challenge in Nantes on August 26, 2016.

« (…) It’s hot, spicy and it feels good (…) It awakens your senses  … really impressive. A success…! » BLUES MAGAZINE

Bio :


The band is currently composed of:

  • Jessyka Aké (vocals)
  • Laurent Galichon (guitar)
  • Serge Auzier (keyboards)
  • Denis Bourdié (bass)
  • Niko Sarran (drums)

Formed in 2010, the band released a self-produced first album « Le Gardien ». This first attempt has been received successfully on the internet and the band is granted to film 2 studio clips at « Ma Ferme », financed by the association Mécénat Culturel Music (musical patronage).

The band continues to play locally and it is their second self-produced album « WHO MADE THE SAUCE? » (November 2012) that will allow them to really take off.  Spotted by César, host of the Biker Street radio show, the album enters the 2012 Collective of Blues Radio selection. Broadcasts are increasing and specialized media chronics are rather flattering.

« (…) Female voice, lead guitar, rock, funk, ballad, it’s thrilling! «  SOULBAG

In July 2013 the Beans participated in the Cahors Blues Festival. Public reception was excellent and the band walked off with 4 of the 7 awards including the 1st prize. This distinction enables the combo to break through and to start performing at music festivals.

Thanks to a growing fan base they decide to use crowdfunding in order to record an EP in a renowned recording studio. A few months later in November 2013 they released a 3 title album « EAT ME » recorded at the VEGA studio on a vintage EMI mixing console used years earlier by the ROLLING STONES, TELEPHONE, ZEBDA, etc.

In August 2014 as they prepare to perform at the Crest Jazz Vocal Festival, the Base Camp Company offers them to film the concert in a professional manner in order to broadcast  on the internet as well as on several cable channels.

The arrival of Niko Sarran, drummer and producer of the album Marvelous Pig Noise “DRÔLE DE MAMMIFÈRES” (Dixie Frog – 2007), motivates the band to return to the studio under his leadership. In October 2015 they released their third album: HOT & SPICY. Again they are included in the album selection of  the « Blues Radio Collective » and critics are excellent.

« (…) Sound power and feeling (…) it would be difficult not to get carried away by this music. » BLUES AGAIN

« (…) When she appears, Jessyka incarnates a feminine and charismatic blues that takes you by the throat (…) Never an album title will have been found so well !! » ZICAZIC

Some past gigs:

Blues sur Seine (région Parisienne) – Cahors Blues Festival – Festival Jazz à Sète (off) – Les RDV de l’Erdre (Nantes) – Blues autour du Zinc (Beauvais) – Le Rockstore (Montpellier) – Zinga Zanga (Béziers) – La Cigalière (Sérignan) – Vully Blues Festival (Suisse) – Festival Vaches Folks (Divonne) – Festival Jazz  Vocal (Crest) – Le Jam (Montpellier) – Availles Blues Festival – Printemps de Bourges (off) – Jazz en Touraine – Festival Overdrive (Chaulnes) – Festival de la presqu’île (Ambialet)

The band opened for :

Martha High – Roy Hardgrove – The Black Cadillacs – Nina Attal – The Excitements – Dr Feelgood – Animals & Friends

Some future gigs :

French Blues Challenge (Nantes) – Dax Motor Blues Fest (with JC Brooks, Jesus Volt, etc) – Feria de Béziers (with Earth, Wind and Fire Experience) – Blues’n Jazz Rallye (Luxembourg) – Megève Blues Festival – BAR Fest (Layla Zoe, Sophie Reed, The Excitements, etc)

and more…